Devlali Camp

The Lost World.. Talkies and Cinema Theater’s of Devlali Camp

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

Devali Camp was one of those fortunate little towns, which inspite of being small, was fortunate enough to have two Cinema Theater’s also known as Talkies from late 70’s to 90’s :

Adelphi Theater and Cathay Talkies.

Found a few rare pics of both of them, which I am sure everyone gonna enjoy and make you go in nostalgic mood..

Many of us have watched several Bollywood movies over there right from Chota Chetan, Coolie, Sholay and the list goes on.

Adelphi Theater

Adelphi Theater

Now here are a few pics of Cathay Talkies.. Going to watch a Cinema in Cathay was a kind of adventurous experience, since it was situated a bit outside of Devlali Camp or Bhagur near Army locality, surrounded by dense trees and Calm roads..

Cathay TalkiesCathay Talkies10621826_589780284466740_1423534780_nCathay Cinema