Devlali Camp

Pathetic conditions of roads in Devlali Camp

While the entire world is busy decorating and cleaning their houses and surroundings for Diwali celebrations, few roads in interior residential areas of Devlali Camp are in worst and poor conditions. Forget about driving any vehicle, especially a two wheeler bike or even a normal four wheeler car, it is becoming extremely difficult and unsafe for pedestrians to walk on those roads, across their houses.

The local residents have been suffering and living with these pathetic roads entire monsoon, with a hope that Cantonment will help them restore to their good condition. To the readers who are not aware for the deteriorated condition of roads, drainage pipeline was laid down in the interior roads across almost entire Devlali Camp, due to which the roads had to be dug up in summer of 2017.

The residents were assured that roads will be restored back to their good condition once monsoon’s are over however, it has been almost a hell ride for almost all residents all this monsoon trying their luck on these dangerous roads.

Below you will find the pics of the most neglected area (near Gupta house and Prachi Villa, More Bunglow area, Near Bharat Gas Godown, Anand Road); where the road condition as you see in pics has become worse, making it extremely difficult to walk for pedestrians in locality. Driving on such roads can not only cause casualties but also severe damage to vehicles.

Heavy vehicles such as Goods Carriers and Trucks entering the locality on such horrible roads, only adds to them becoming worst.

Using the medium of social media, we urge Devlali Camp Cantonment Administration to kindly take a note of how difficult the life of local residents have been due to poor and horrible condition of roads. Sometimes the situation is so horrible, that we wish if Devlali Camp was under Nasik Municipal Corporation jurisdiction, which offers better living environment for their residents. The difference can be immediately noticed when one leaves Devlali Cantonment jurisdiction and enters Nasik Municipal Corporation limits near 6 Number Naka, before Saubhagya Nagar, Lam road.