Devlali Camp

June keeps its promise..First rain of 2015 Monsoon

With the rising mercury for last couple of months, everyone was eagerly waiting for the Monsoons to arrive. June 7 is the day usually it rains in Devlali Camp, and even this year Monsoon did not fail fullfill its promise.

Its June 6 and the first rains with thunderstorm and lightning have covered almost entire Nasik, including our very one Devlali Camp. The entire weather has turned to be awesome, refreshing and cooling each and every living thing including the trees, birds and animals.. A perfect time to grab a hot cup of tee with some delicious and garma garam pakodas :)First rains of 2015 MonsoonAvg4_rzMsyrEThTmhyB21vhFvaTupZUxE4hChTsyol1j

2015 MonsoonsThe above pics are clicked on a building located near Anand Road, Devlali Camp. The Ganesh Temple located in Sivananda premises can be seen with June rains showering all over.