Devlali Camp

[Resolved] Poor condition of Children’s Park at Temple Hill

Date : 18th June 2015

We are glad to inform you that Cantonment Board, Devlali Camp has acted spontaneously to our post about poor conditions of Temple Hill Children Park and have repaired / replaced all the damaged facilities. On behalf of all the visitors of Temple Hill park, Devlali Camp, we would like to sincerely thank the respected authorities of Cantonment Board, Devlali Camp for their kind attention and for promptly looking into this matter. Thank you Cantonment Board, Devlali Camp for restoring the safety of children.!

Here are a few images of the repaired facilities which needed attention:

IMG_20150618_182047 IMG_20150618_181820 IMG_20150618_181753 IMG_20150618_181748

The original article about the damaged facilities and the respective images, can be seen below.

Date : 26th May 2015 :

A must visit location for all tourists and locals of Devlali camp, Temple Hill has been always attracting people to spend their evenings with one of the most beautiful and pleasing weathers. Parents often bring their children along, to play in the “Children Park” located at the foot of the Temple Hill. However, recently the facilities such as swings, slides, see-saw etc are turning to be accident-traps for children who are not even aware of the associated dangers. The park is most crowded during Summer and Diwali vacations and often grown-up children above the age of 16 or adults are seen climbing on the slides and using them, thus causing its wear-n-tear and damaging them.

The park although is maintained properly by the local Cantonment authorities, the facilities such as swings, slides, see-saw’s etc are in poor condition which needs immediate attention and urgent repairs.

Temple Hill Park

You will notice the broken handles for the above slide. If that is not enough, there is a large hole, enough for some toddler to get his leg stuck and hurt, which may harm as the base is made of metal (rusted) :

Dangerous Slide, Temple Hill park

The other playing facilities such as see-saw etc are too in bad shape :

broken see-saw

temple hill

The above damaged instruments and facilities need immediate and kind attention of Cantonment authorities, before they could harm any of the children playing in the park. One of the best places of Devlali Camp where every visitor has a memory to cherish, hopefully does not leave a bad experience of accident for their children, due to the damaged facilities at park.

I usually keep visiting the park quite often and will keep this thread posted if the instruments have been replaced or repaired by the respective authorities.